Mr. Natural: An Austin Haven for Healthy Eaters

Chef Jesus Mendoza, Jr. crafts breakfast, lunch, and dinner without any meat—often without any animal products at all or even wheat or gluten—at Mr. Natural. These days, he does so with ease. After all, he's been an integral part of Mr. Natural's kitchen since it first opened in 1988.

Come in on Monday for a special dish like the mole enchiladas, or stop by on Wednesday for veggie stir-fry with black beans on the side. Crispy tacos, fried eggplant, and tamales are just a few of the other Mexican-inspired eats on the menu throughout the week at Mr. Natural. Mr. Natural has branched out into baking as well, so if you're looking for a specialty cake made with fresh, healthy ingredients, consider checking in with his team about crafting something sweet for your next event.

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