5 Beautiful Houseplants That Are Easy to Care For

Is your thumb a bit more black than green? Are you known for killing houseplants as quickly as you get them? Many houseplants are finicky, and just a bit too much water or sunlight can cause them to unexpectedly croak. Here’s a list of five houseplants that are resilient but still just as decorative.

  1. Geranium. The leafy geranium has a dark, rich color and uniquely shaped leaves, but it’s also one of the sturdiest houseplants. It flowers all year round with bright, colorful blooms if you place it by sunlight, and it won’t mind if you miss a watering or two.
  2. Cactus. Cacti are commonly known for their resistance to drought, surviving naturally in the desert without much water for weeks at a time. The same is true for store-bought cacti, which only need watering about once every month.
  3. Peace Lilies. If you live in a cave-like apartment or a home without much direct sunlight, the Peace Lily is the plant for you. This leafy green plant with white flowers can survive in dim lighting at temperatures below 55 degrees.
  4. Palms. Create a tropical paradise in your home by placing a few hardy palms in bare corners. These incredible plants purify the air and don’t require much from their owners in return.
  5. Aloe. This plant is often very large and attractive, and you can even use its soothing interior on burns or cuts. It prefers bright light, so place it on a windowsill and water only sparingly.

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