Learn How to Manage Clutter — Not Hide It!

If you find yourself tucking away all of that extra clutter every time you clean your home, you may wonder how you can get rid of it for good. Instead of managing the clutter in your home, these smart, space-saving tips will show you how to control your clutter by getting rid of it completely.

  • Take an assessment of your clutter. Where do you notice clutter the most in your home? Is it in the junk drawers in your kitchen, the entryway area or your bedroom closet? Make note of those places where clutter always seems to accumulate so that you can focus the majority of your energy there.
  • Invest in storage systems. If the current storage systems in those areas just aren't working, it's time to reevaluate them. If clothes are always tumbling off of the shelves in your bedroom closet, add some affordable plastic drawers from your local home goods store; if you're always tripping over shoes in the doorway, add a stylish shoe rack.
  • Get rid of clutter-prone areas. Those junk drawers that are always overflowing? Get rid of them! If you don't have that go-to spot for disposing of those unused items, you'll be forced to really think about where they go — or if you need them at all.
  • Make it a part of your routine. If you don't usually think about where to put certain items, you might want to start. A big part of keeping a clean home is developing clean habits, so before you toss those shoes or that extra junk mail aside, take pause and deal with it right on the spot.

Have Some Spare Time? Check Out These Popular Shows on HGTV

If the phrases “hardwood floors” and “granite countertops” get your heart racing, you’re sure to love HGTV’s endless list of entertaining home design programs. Here are two of the network’s most beloved shows that make for hours of weekend binge watching.

House Hunters International
Have you always wondered what it would be like it live in a villa in Barcelona or a centuries-old apartment in Paris? House Hunters International follows equally adventurous house hunters as they give into their wanderlust and move thousands of miles away from home. The show explores all corners of the world and gives you a taste of the local culture, as well as the local real estate market.

Love It or List It, Too
This remake of the popular Love It or List It features the same competitive edge with a duo of new hosts. Love It or List It, Too follows a family who is tired of their current home as they decide whether to renovate what they already have or move somewhere entirely new. Realtor Todd competes with designer Jillian as he attempts to find the couple a new house, and Jillian attempts to re-work their current one.

How to Inject a Serious Style Into Your Living Space

There’s no denying that modern furniture is having a major comeback, but the expensive price tags that often accompany those shell chairs or teak credenzas are often too much for the average shopper. If you want to furnish your home with mid-century modern inspired furniture for an affordable cost, these three websites can help.

CB2, a smaller division of the pricey furniture store Crate & Barrel, carries equally high quality furniture and decor pieces with more modern styles and lower price points. Here you’ll find the low, rectangular sofas that modern furniture enthusiasts love, as well as other sleek furniture pieces, industrial-style lamps, and rugs, bedding, and textiles with geometric prints and patterns.

Design Within Reach
Design Within Reach carries all of the beloved modern furniture classics that you can’t find anywhere else, without the exclusivity of many private sellers. From Eames chairs to Herman Miller sofas, these are pieces that normally require extensive waitlists or knowing someone “in the business” in order to acquire them. This furniture selection is the real deal.

If you prefer a minimalistic style with modern flair, BluDot is the place to shop online. These sofas, accent chairs, beds, and dining sets are all inspired by mid-century classics, but they’re readily available and much more affordable even to budget shoppers.

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