Football Season Is Back! How to Host an Unforgettable Game-Day Soiree

One of the best things about fall is inviting all of your friends and family over to watch the big game, but it can be quite difficult to organize the food, drinks, and seating arrangements for that many people. Whether you’re playing host to 5 or 50 people, these fun DIY ideas will show you how to make sure your game-day bash scores a touchdown.

  1. Decorating cheap mason jars makes it easy (and festive) to dole out drinks to all of your guests. Simply use white electrical tape to create those familiar stitches normally found on the side of a football, and once your party is over, you can easily remove them and repurpose the jars for something else.
  2. To get your guests excited for the game, purchase some silly hats, masks, and noisemakers from your favorite local party store. Set them out on a table and let your guests choose their own fun costumes.
  3. To avoid awkward scrambling for seats after the guests arrive, create a comfortable seating area beforehand. Toss some pillows on the floor in front of the sofas, or pull kitchen chairs and arrange them in places where everyone can easily see the screen.
  4. Set the food out buffet-style so that guests can easily grab snacks between quarters. If you’re planning a more sit-down meal, schedule it at halftime so that everyone has time to eat.

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What’s in Season? Your Handy Guide to Autumn Fruits and Veggies

The autumn season is known for its bountiful harvests of sturdy root vegetables and tart fruits, which provide a welcome change after months of summer produce. If you’re already planning the next few months of fall recipes, this handy guide will show you which fruits and vegetables are in season.

  • Apples. Perhaps the most popular autumn fruit, apples can be used in pies, tarts, ciders, and even as a healthy handheld snack while on the go.
  • Broccoli. Although broccoli grows year-round in most climates, it becomes sweeter and less bitter when harvested in the fall.
  • Brussels sprouts. This hearty vegetable can be prepared a variety of different ways and is becoming increasingly popular in the gourmet food world.
  • Root vegetables. Carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and other root vegetables are common during the autumn season and can be used in soups or roasted in the oven.
  • Cranberries. Although cranberries usually take center stage during the wintertime, they’re harvested throughout New England during the fall.
  • Figs. These sweet, chewy fruits have a second season later in the fall.
  • Garlic. If you prefer to use fresh garlic in recipes as opposed to dried or canned, the fall is the best time to purchase it.
  • Artichokes. Top your salads or pizzas with flavorful artichokes, which produce a smaller second crop in the fall.

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Two Great Websites for Fall Recipes

With so many festive fall activities on your calendar, you'll need some warm and filling recipes to entertain your guests and keep your family healthy. These creative websites are full of both unique and classic cold weather foods that you can easily make at home.

All Recipes’ Fall Seasonal Cooking
Popular cooking website All Recipes organizes many of its dishes based on season, and its Fall Seasonal Cooking section will surely become a go-to tool when the weather gets chilly. With recipes such as Autumn Pork Roast and Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake, you’ll never run out of meal ideas with the help of All Recipes.

Food & Wine’s Fall Flavors
Blending the classy, tasteful feel of Food & Wine magazine with the convenience of a cooking website, this site has created a page devoted to the magazine’s best fall foods. Browse sections like Warming Drinks and Fiery Foods for Cold Weather to find hearty, elegant meals that are sure to excite your tastebuds.

Get in the Fall Spirit With These DIY Home Decor Projects

Fall is just around the corner, and you can't help but want to make over your home in shades of red, brown, and orange to celebrate the changing seasons. If you want to add some fall flair to your home without spending a fortune, you'll love these unique fall decor craft ideas.

Autumn Leaf Candle Holder [Country Living]
Use a simple mason jar and the first fallen leaves to create this autumnal candle holder. Use a bit of decoupage to attach the leaves to the sides of the jars, then watch as they light up against the flicker of a candle inside.

Newsprint Covered Pumpkins []
Add a vintage look to the usual fall pumpkins by covering them with black and white newspaper. All it takes is a few minutes of gluing and a couple hours of drying to achieve this chic, understated look.

Metallic Acorns []
Acorns are everywhere come fall, so why not bring them inside the home for a touch of rustic decor. This project involves drying the acorns, painting them with a metallic spray paint and filling a clear lantern with the now-shimmering acorns. Display the finished project on your coffee table or a wall shelf to help welcome the autumn season.

Check Out These Spooky-Fun Facts About Halloween

Although many people think that Halloween is simply a children’s holiday filled with spooky fun, others believe that October 31 stems from something more sinister. So what is the real truth about Halloween? Here are a few facts that you may not know about the year’s scariest (and sweetest!) holiday.

  1. Halloween’s origins can be traced back as far as 2,000 years. The holiday stems from a Gaelic festival called Samhain, which translates into “summer’s end,” an apt name for this favorite fall celebration. Samhain was a time for the community to gather resources for the coming winter months.
  2. Halloween was far from sinister. Although Halloween and its predecessor Samhain held a few supernatural and pagan aspects, it was overall a very peaceful and community-oriented holiday.
  3. Halloween costumes derived from All Saint’s Day. While we wear costumes for Halloween these days, the costume aspect actually derived from All Saint’s Day, not Samhain. Druid leaders wore traditional costumes made of animal skins to celebrate All Saint’s Day, and because the two holidays fall so close together, they merged with one another over the years.
  4. The tricks led to the treats. In the 1920s and 1930s, American youth turned Halloween into rowdy block parties filled with acts of vandalism. In an effort to make the holiday more wholesome, community leaders attempted to ply children with sweets given out by neighbors, which eventually led to what we know as trick-or-treating.

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Dig a Spoon Into These Hearty Chili Recipes

Few things taste better on a chilly fall day than a warm bowl of hearty chili, but your staple recipe may start to get a bit tired after a few seasons. Here are three tasty new chili recipes that are equally as comforting but a bit more creative.

All-American Chili []
Whether you use it to top grilled hot dogs or to eat right from the bowl on a cold afternoon, it doesn’t get more all-American than this chili recipe. Ground sirloin and hot Italian turkey sausage give this a flavorful, meaty taste, while a hefty splash of merlot makes a delicious secret ingredient that your guests are sure to ask about.

Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup []
Add a Mexican flair to your usual chili with this hearty chicken taco soup made entirely in the slow cooker. Serve it topped with sour cream, green chilies, tortilla strips, or healthy avocado for even more flavor.

Turkey and White Bean Chili []
If you prefer a chili that’s a bit lighter than most, this recipe is the perfect choice. Lean turkey and mild white beans are the base ingredients, but jalapenos and ground cumin give it that slight kick that you love about spicy chili.

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