Handy Storage and Organization Tips for Renters

There are a number of smart and design-savvy ways to clear the clutter from your space and add storage, and it just takes a few clever tricks (and maybe a weekend) to get it together.

  1. Add under-bed storage. Whether you use store-bought shoe boxes or even wood palettes, adding storage underneath the bed is a great way to get shoes, clothes, and even books out of sight.
  2. Tackle the closet. Don't feel limited to the two or three clothing bars in your closet. Add your own temporary shelving, shoe racks, and other storage items from the local home goods store.
  3. Add additional bathroom storage. Create your own storage by hanging shelves or even investing in an affordable over-the-toilet storage system.
  4. Use double-duty living room furniture. Instead of letting clutter take over your living room, use furniture that doubles as storage. Try an antique chest as a coffee table or a sofa with hidden storage inside.
  5. Add a kitchen island. Adding a simple kitchen island is an affordable way to create more room for cooking.

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Go For the Old! Here’s What to Look For at The Local Thrift Store

Whether you're looking to add a touch of character to your home or simply trying to save some money on must-have furniture items, shopping at thrift and antique stores is a great choice. Before you set out on your thrifting journey, learn about the best items to look for on your hunt.

  • Solid wood pieces. Anything built of solid wood likely means it's built to last. Inspect tables, desks and bed frames to see if they're made of real wood instead of particle board or laminate materials.
  • Mid-century modern items. The mid-century modern movement is having a big comeback, so you can feel confident that these items will stay in style for years to come. Seek out chairs and sofas with tapered wooden legs, sleek desks and tables with metal hairpin legs, and items made of sturdy teak wood, which was popular during this era.
  • Woven or imported rugs. While purchasing a new rug can cost you a pretty penny, you'll often find trendy vintage styles for much less at the thrift store. Search for woven styles, Southwestern patterns or imported designs, like Persian or Moroccan rugs.
  • Vintage picture frames. Picture frames are also pricey when purchased new, so you should always take a look around for metal or wooden frames at the thrift store. Even if it already has a photo inside, you can take it out and start fresh with your own print.
  • Kitschy electronics. While purchasing an old TV can be a bit dangerous (many thrift chains don't even sell them anymore), you should keep your eyes peeled for antique radios, clocks, and other analog items that are now collectibles.

Organize Your Bookshelves With These 5 Easy Tips

If you’re a bibliophile with an ever-expanding book collection, it can be difficult to store all of your books in your home. A simple bookshelf works well, but it doesn’t always look pretty. Here are some helpful tips for organizing your bookshelves with ease.

  1. Consolidate your collection. Have you owned it without reading it in the last few years? Get rid of it (and we don’t mean throw it away – there area number of charities that take used books, and you can always give it to a fellow bookworm friend).
  2. Organize by color. If you have a large book collection, you can make things look less cluttered by organizing books by color. When you look at the bookshelf from across the room, you’ll see a rainbow of your favorite literary classics instead of a jumbled mess.
  3. Incorporate decor. Add a few funky bookends to divide up the space, or place some personalized picture frames in between your book collection to make things look a bit more stylish.
  4. Alternate stacking methods. Line some books across the shelves horizontally, and then alternate by stacking some vertically. The changing direction looks purposeful and more appealing to the eye.
  5. Create mini book displays. Rather than attempting to stuff large, coffee table books onto your standard bookshelves, pull them out and place them strategically around the home. Stack a couple large books on a dresser and place a plant on top, or place a few in your living room to give your guests something to flip through while visiting.

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