How to Make Your Childhood Favorite Wall Art Look Chic and Grown-Up

From band posters to ticket stubs, you likely had quite a few things hanging on your wall as a child or teen. While these items hold a lot of nostalgic charm, they don't exactly translate into stylish decor — or do they? Here are a few ways to give your (or even your child's) favorite wall hangings a chic flair.

  • Band or movie posters. Show off your favorite pop culture interests without giving your home a dorm room feel by framing them in high quality, neutral frames. Choose ones in natural wood, white, or black to coordinate with any decor style.
  • Personal photographs. Easily update your favorite photographs by thinking outside of their usual sizing. Instead, send them to a professional printer to have them printed in a variety of sizes, and then use them to create an eclectic gallery wall.
  • Polaroids. If you still have a few Polaroids hanging around (or if you own a modern instant camera), invest in some wire hanging systems. These wires come equipped with clips designed especially for hanging photos.
  • Ticket stubs and other memorabilia. If you're partial to holding on to keepsakes from concerts, plays and vacations, display them in a shadow box. Create your own unique collage, and then frame it in one of these gallery-style frames.

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