Lounge on the Dock at David Kennedy Park

The breeze weaves through your hair. The warm sun washes your back. The gentle ebb of the water lulls you into a near sleep. At David Kenney Park, this is a pretty common scene. The park resides in Coconut Grove along the bay, offering soothing sights and sounds to anyone who ventures here. And since wooden docks just right out onto the water, you're welcome to simply soak up some sun and kick back.

Of course, you can also take advantage of David Kennedy Park's other amenities. It also features outdoor exercise equipment for adults, not to mention a running path and outdoor track, as well as a play area for your little ones. If you bring a pup along, head to the dog park and throw a frisbee around while he makes some new furry friends. You can also play beach volleyball or simply spread out a blanket and picnic at David Kennedy Park.

David Kennedy Park
2600 S. Bayshore Drive
Miami, FL 3313
(305) 854-3859

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