Bring Some Green Inside With These 5 Unique Ideas for Displaying Houseplants

Instead of displaying all of your favorite herbs, flowers and succulents in simple terra cotta pots, create more artistic plant displays with these fun DIY projects. From the kitchen to the living room, these plant hangers and pots will show off your greenery in any room in the home.

Living Monogram Wreath []
Create unique wall art and a fun planter in one with this monogram frame. Simply line a plywood back with 2-inch cedar boards in the shape of your initial, then fill the inside with peat moss and cover with chicken wire. Plant succulents inside, and then hang the whole thing on your wall.

Copper Hanging Rod []
Looking for a way to hang plants over the kitchen sink? Simply balance a copper rod across the tops of your kitchen cabinets (or any other type of cabinet). Hang lightweight plants or herbs from the rod using your favorite hangers.

DIY Rope Pot []
With this rustic DIY project, you can add colorful rope to your cheap terra cotta pots. Simply wrap a simple cotton rope with colorful thread in your choice of colors, and then wrap the whole thing tightly around various sized pots.

Three Cool Ways to Display Houseplants

Looking for a fun way to display your houseplants? Think outside the pot and check out some cool and creative ideas from your favorite home goods stores. From wall planters to test tube-style vases, these are just a few great new ways to show off your green thumb.

Glass Wall Vases []
Turn your plants into something inspired by a science laboratory with these modern glass wall vases. CB2 offers versions in test tube and teardrop shapes, and they all mount right on to your wall for easy hanging. Pop in a flower, a piece of bamboo or a leaf from outside to create a truly unique display.

Pyramid Wall Planter []
West Elm’s pyramid-shaped wall planters can be used alone or hung in a group to create a display in a completely custom size. Just place the plants of your choice inside the pocket and the galvanized frame will hold them all together.

Succulent Living Wall Planter []
Turn your favorite succulents into living art with this photo frame-inspired planter. The exterior is lined with rustic wood in a square shape, while the interior contains water-preserving moss and light mesh that holds the plants inside, even when you hang it on the wall.

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