Clear Clutter from Everywhere in the Bathroom With These 4 Tips

If you’re short on space in your bathroom, it can be difficult to keep things neat and organized. Since many renters share their bathroom with guests, however, you’re likely always looking for ways to clean it up quickly. These 4 tips make it easy to banish clutter from the bathroom—and keep it clean for good.

  • Consider the essentials. Most renters store much more than they actually use every day in their bathrooms. Go through the contents of your medicine cabinets and under-sink storage areas and get rid of all of those specialty products and expired items (or at least find somewhere else to store them).
  • Add additional storage where it’s needed. If you can’t find enough storage in your bathroom after you purge your essentials, it may be time to create your own. Add wall shelves, a storage unit over the toilet or even just a few baskets under the sink.
  • Invest in matching sets. If your bathroom is often filled with mismatched towels, get rid of the ones you don’t use and attempt to create a matching set. By replacing those old, faded towels with bright, fluffy new ones (and cutting down on the amount of towels in general), you’ll reduce unnecessary clutter.
  • Add over-door storage. Hang an additional towel rack over the back of the door to give wet towels ample room to dry.

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