Mama Rosa Pizza and Pasta: That’s Italian Cuisine!

In Jersey you expect good Italian food, and Mama Rosa Pizza and Pasta doesn’t disappoint. Located on Union Avenue just off of Beech Street, Mama Rosa is the perfect spot for everything from a slice of pizza to a full Italian meal. The ambiance of the dining room is cozy, with checkered tablecloths and comfortable seating. Bring your friends or your family – everyone will feel at home here! All of your classic Italian favorites are here. The pizza and pasta selections alone are terrific, but come for lunch and try a calzone or specialty hero. And everything can be ordered for delivery or takeout. If you’re hosting a party, think of Mama Rosa as a catering option.

Mama Rosa Pizza and Pasta
332 Union Avenue
Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 939-2342

Volare’s Restaurant: A Comfortable Spot for Family & Friends

Come to Volare’s Restaurant for classic Italian cuisine. Located right in Station Square, Volare’s is popular because everything is made fresh! Even the pasta is prepared on site every day.

The dining area is cozy but not too small, perfect for a family dinner or an intimate meal. Volare’s is a BYOB, so you can enjoy your favorite bottle of wine with your meal. Treat yourself to the three-course lunch or four-course dinner specials, both delicious options. Pasta Night on Tuesdays, Wednesday’s Chicken Special or the Sunday Family Takeout Package are also tasty times at Volare’s. A pianist usually plays some nice tunes, and Volare's even hosts live music on some weekends.

Volare’s Restaurant
7 Station Square
Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 935-6606

Nizi Sushi: Worth the Wait

Fresh ingredients and great service combine to make Nizi Sushi a go-to spot for folks who love delicious sushi and Korean specialties. Located on Union Avenue on a quiet block of shops, Nizi Sushi has developed a reputation as one of the tastiest and affordable options for lunch and dinner in the area. The sushi bar and dining area are cozy, unfortunately, Nizi Sushi doesn't take reservations, so you might have to wait a bit for a seat. But you’ll be glad that you did! You can’t beat the lunch specials, including Udon bowls, sushi boxes and cooked items,at a terrific price. The dinner specials are pretty good, too! And you’ll be amazed at the beautiful and delicious sushi and sashimi options, all made with only the freshest ingredients. Takeout is also available.

Nizi Sushi
300 Union Avenue
Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 804-7666

Daruma: Good Fortune in Rutherford

Come to Daruma for delicious Japanese and Korean favorites. Located on Park Avenue near Pierrepont Avenue, Daruma is named after the traditional doll that is a symbol of good fortune. But at this Daruma, your good fortune is getting a great meal! It’s also easier to get a table now, since renovations have made the place much bigger. But you still can count on quality food at good prices. Lunch is always a good time to come, when the specials and bento boxes are always tasty and affordable. If you’re a sushi fan, you’ll find a wide variety of sushi, sashimi, maki and temaki rolls, all handmade to order with quality ingredients. The kitchen menu also has a nice variety of soups, salads and entrees. Bring your own bottle of wine to enjoy.

324 Park Avenue
Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 507-9066

Red Basil: Traditional Thai Cuisine

You’ll get all of the fresh and spicy tastes of Thailand at the Red Basil. Located on Glen Road near Railroad Avenue Park, Red Basil specializes in Thai cuisine, literally a hot new food choice. With a place called Red Basil, it’s not surprising that there is lots of red decor in the dining room. You’ll also like the flowers and golden bells hanging everywhere! Also, since Red Basil is a BYOB, bring a bottle of your favorite wine or beer to enjoy with your meal. Thai food novices will find that the wait staff is more than helpful to assist you in picking a menu item that will satisfy your spice palate. The selection of traditional soups, salads, noodle and rice dishes, curries and other entrees are guaranteed to be fresh and tasty. Can’t stay? Call ahead and get takeout!

Red Basil
4 Glen Road
Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 460-8585

Scarpa’s Pizza: Award-Winning Pizza in Rutherford

Being a “square” is a good thing at Scarpa’s Pizza. That’s because Scarpa’s is home to the award winning square pizza pie! Located on Union Avenue a few blocks from Sunset, Scarpa’s is known for its thin-crust pizza, loaded with fresh ingredients. Regulars love the crust and the savory sauce! This is the place to go for a pie with friends or just a slice or two for lunch. But that’s not all; Scarpa’s has a whole lot more than pizza. Get yourself a tasty sandwich, salad or pasta (folks also like the Giambottas, a sandwich on pizza bread). After ordering, enjoy your meal in the quaint dining room, or get it to go. You can also call ahead for fast delivery!

Scapa’s Pizza
317 Union Avenue
Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 636-2960

Ruyi Kitchen: Your Place for Chinese Food in Rutherford

Good-tasting Chinese cuisine is easy to find in Rutherford, at the Ruyi Kitchen. Located at the corner of Union and Santiago Avenues, Ruyi Kitchen is the place to go for classic cuisine to eat in or take out. The dining area is cozy and clean, a nice spot for lunch or a family dinner. This is what you should expect from a family owned and run business! All of your Chinese favorites are here, from the soups and appetizers to the fried rice, lo mein, entrees and diet selections. Everybody raves about the General Tzo’s chicken and the tofu, too! You can be sure that whether you stay or take your order home that everything will be made with the best ingredients, and to order.

Ruyi Kitchen
313 Union Avenue
Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 933-0727

Yamada Sushi: Tasty Japanese Cuisine

Ambiance, service and, of course, good food. That’s what Yamada Sushi is all about. Located at the corner of Park and West Pierrepont Avenues, the goal of Yamada Sushi is to make Japanese cuisine “the new comfort food.” You’ll certainly feel comfortable when you walk inside and see the beautiful and comfortable dining room.

Yamada is one of the many BYOB establishments in the area, so don’t forget your favorite bottle of wine, beer or even sake, for a real authentic experience. The food is known for being both artistic, delicious and affordable. The lunch box and roll specials feature delicious sushi, sashimi and udon bowls, all for a great price.

Yamada Sushi
55 Park Avenue
Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 460-8700

Matera’s on Park: A Classic Deli

For fresh and tasty Italian specialties to eat in, take out, or prepare at home, come to Matera’s on Park. Here is everything that you need to enjoy lunch or dinner. When you walk in, you’ll first be greeted by the wonderful smells of the prepared meats and cheeses, some that are hanging from the ceiling. This is a classic deli, with all the accoutrements.

Come up to the counter to order some great prepared food, be it subs, Panini, wraps or salads. There’s some nice seating to relax and enjoy, or take it with you to enjoy at home or work. Come back to get some fresh bread and other ingredients to make at home, or take advantage of Matera’s “Dinners on Demand” menu. Let Matera’s cater your next event!

Matera’s on Park
72 Park Avenue
Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 438-8083

Sabor Peru: Taste Peruvian Cuisine

Located across from Lincoln Park, Sabor Peru prides itself on preparing and serving tasty Peruvian cuisine. Come for lunch or dinner and check out the charming décor, with comfortable seating and friendly atmosphere.

If you’re new to Peruvian food, don’t worry. The friendly wait staff will be more than happy to help you with your selections. You will find a menu loaded homemade soups and ceviches, both of which are specialties. Folks rave about the tender octopus in the ceviche and the Peruvian chicken noodle soup. And whether you get the stir-fry, grilled or breaded entrees, you and your family will always be eager to return.

Visit Sabor Peru's website to learn more about this Rutherford restaurant.

Sabor Peru
8 Highland Cross
Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 935-7378

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