Happy Fall

October 7, 2016 1:28 pm

May this autumn bring you a harvest of fun times and laughter with family and friends!

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Dig into Peanut Butter and Banana Pancakes at Courtyard Cafe

September 27, 2016 12:23 pm

Courtyard Cafe briefly closed its doors in 2008, but the hiatus didn't last for very long. Regular customers clamored for the local eatery to reopen, and its owners obliged. That was particularly good news for those who enjoy going out for breakfast, because Courtyard Cafe's morning menu is one of the most popular in the area.

Until 11 a.m., you can order the classic breakfast plate. Choose the cheesy grits as your side and dig into two eggs cooked your way along with sausage, bacon, and a house-crafted biscuit or slice of golden-brown toast. The decadent peanut butter and banana pancakes or waffles come piled with fresh fruit, house-made peanut butter cream, and peanut butter chips tossed right into the batter. If you decide to do lunch at Courtyard Cafe, order anything with the jalapeno bread—it earns rave reviews.

Courtyard Cafe
7600 Eckhert Road
San Antonio, TX 78240
(210) 370-3779

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Create a Chic and Stylish Entryway With These Pro Tips

September 20, 2016 11:27 am

Your entryway has the power to wow or bore guests as soon as they step into your apartment, so it's important to make sure you spend ample time on its interior design. If you're just getting started glamming up your entryway, here are a few tips that should help get the ball rolling.

  1. Create a vignette. First things first: find an entryway table. That's where you'll put your hallway vignette. It's part functional, part aesthetically pleasing. Include a tray to collection your keys and loose change when you walk in, but also add strictly decorative touches such as candles, flowers, and other odds and ends that reflect your style.
  2. Add a mirror. When you're working with a cozy entryway, you can really expand the space (without knocking down any walls) by just hanging a mirror. Find one that fits in with the rest of your aesthetic, perhaps a round, vintage mirror for last-minute touch-ups before you walk out the door, or maybe a more contemporary square mirror if that jives better with your minimalist decor elsewhere.
  3. Glam up your walls. Creating a gallery wall is a surefire way to engage your friends as soon as they walk through the door, especially if you create that gallery wall using personal photos in artfully mismatched frames. You can also use mirrors of different shapes and sizes, however, for the ultimate space-creating effect.
  4. Throw down a runner. When you're interior-designing, don't forget about the real estate underfoot, either. Spruce up your floor with a chic, colorful runner.

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