How to Keep Your Houseplants Alive and Happy

Adding a green plant to your home's decor is easy; keeping it alive is a whole other story. Even if you aren't blessed with a green thumb, these three tips will help you keep your houseplants happy and thriving.

1. Go easy on the watering.
Over-watering is the number one killer of houseplants. Even if the soil on top looks dry, the plant may, in fact, have plenty of water. To test if your plant really needs a watering, stick your finger about two inches into the dirt. If it emerges dry, then your plant could use a drink. Otherwise, hold off on watering for a few days. After watering, ensure that the plant doesn't having water its tray, as this will cause root rot.

2. Find the right plant for your circumstances.
Before you bring that new plant to your home or office, read its tag to see its light requirement. Plants are divided into three light requirements: low light, medium light, and full sun. If your office doesn't have any windows, then a full sun plant won't work for you. Keep in mind that flowering plants require more light than foliage plants.

3. Ward off the chill.
Plants are typically happiest between 65° to 80° F during the day and 55° to 65° F in the evenings. Keep your plant away from heating/cooling vents, and don't allow its leaves to come in contact with a cold windowpane during the winter.

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