Super-Simple Fixes for Kitchen Clutter

Out of every room in your home, the kitchen seems to be the space that gets used the most—and it's also the space that's first to attract clutter! Sound like you? Follow these tips to help maintain order in your busy kitchen.

  • Go through your cabinets and donate or toss out the items that are not frequently used. Your main goal is to have only the items that you love and use.
  • Create groups or categories for your items. For example, sort all of your baking items together in one section and your cooking items in another.
  • Use clear containers to store items and place them inside your cabinets. This keeps everything from being scattered all over the place.
  • Place hooks underneath your cabinets to hold mugs or use a stemware rack in the same spot to hold wine glasses. You could also use adhesive hooks inside of your cabinets to hang measuring cups or oven mitts.
  • Use rotating trays in your cabinets to hold oils, vinegars, or spices. You can also use them in your refrigerator for beverages.
  • Use a small bar cart to store some silverware or your coffee pot and mugs.

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Organize Your Kitchen in 5 Simple Steps

Is your kitchen overrun with dirty dishes, loose pot lids, boxes of cereal, and unused utensils? Here are five simple tips to achieve an organized kitchen that looks straight out of a magazine.

  1. Make the most of your cabinets. Cabinets are an important part of any kitchen, as they store all of your loose items and keep dry groceries out of sight. Add removable shelving and storage to make your cabinets work for you.
  2. Keep the most-used items within reach. Clear the unnecessary items from your countertops and keep only the items you use most, such as a few bowls and plates, basic cooking tools, and maybe a coffee station.
  3. Divide drawers. Stop overflowing your kitchen drawers and divide them instead. Simply place drawer organizers inside.
  4. Don’t forget about under the sink. Though many of us simply shove cleaning supplies under there, the underside of the sink is actually great storage space. Add a few storage containers or plastic drawers to keep things separated.
  5. Maximize odd-shaped spaces. If you have a skinny cabinet or a cabinet in a corner, don’t write it off. Add a lazy Susan to a corner cabinet to keep things within reach, and store flat objects like cutting boards in those ultra-thin spots.

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How to Keep Home Offices Neat and Organized

With so many beautiful photos of inspiring home offices floating around the Internet, you may start to feel a bit insecure about your own humble workspace. Even if you can’t hire your own personal interior designer to re-vamp your office, there are a number of ways to make it more attractive and functional. Here are some tips for organizing a home office.

  1. Make a place for everything. One of the main problems with messy home offices is that the storage space to clutter ratio is off. Incorporate more storage solutions, from a tall shelving unit to a traditional file cabinet, depending on what type of clutter is most prominent in your workspace.
  2. Clear clutter. Throw away any papers or files that you haven’t looked at in years, broken or outdated office supplies, and especially any furniture or other home goods that don’t belong in the office area.
  3. Add wheeled furniture. If you often have tasks that require more surface space than you have, purchase a wheeled cart or filing cabinet that can be tucked away when not in use.
  4. Add shelving. Although many people think of floor space when maximizing storage, it’s usually more beneficial to think of wall space. Most people’s walls are under-utilized, so add some sturdy shelves for storing paper files, office supplies, books and other small items.

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