Mingle with Peacocks at Mayfield Park

It may be tucked away in the heart of a major city, but Mayfield Park still manages to retain an atmosphere of calm. That's despite its particularly flashy residents, about two dozen peacocks. The promise of seeing them sunbathing, tree-climbing, or just meandering around draws many locals to Mayfield Park time and time again. After all, they look a little bit different depending on the season, so it's a new experience each time. Perhaps the best time to visit is late winter or early spring, when the male peacocks fan out their colorful feathers in an attempt to attract the ladies.

Even if you don't spot one of the majestic birds, though, your trip to Mayfield Park will still be well worth the time. Its 21-acre nature preserve contains snaking trails, perfect for a hike or a stroll through the trees. After your hike, stop by the picturesque Mayfield Cottage and Gardens for a glimpse inside the way Austin's elite lived in the early 20th century.

Mayfield Park
3505 W. 35th Street
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 974-6797

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