Simplify Job Searching with These Three Websites

Are you a recent college graduate looking for that elusive first job? Are you an adult looking to switch careers? No matter your station in life or your level of experience, these easy-to-navigate websites can help simplify your job search.

One of the most popular job search sites for both employers and potential employees, Indeed is a great resource for your job search because of its large number of users. By asking only the most basic “What?” and “Where?” questions, Indeed presents you with an impressive number of job prospects that you may not have considered. You can even post your resume to Indeed’s resume database in case a company has an opening that needs filled quickly – who knows, maybe that perfect job is looking for you, too!

The focal social media website for the business world, LinkedIn operates like an online networking event. Create your personal profile, add your most professional headshot, upload your resume and you’ll have online profile tailored for business. LinkedIn also features job postings and company profiles to help you browse potential jobs as you extend your circle of connections.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook
Don’t let the long name fool you – the Occupational Outlook Handbook is a simple, straightforward tool designed to give people insights into their careers of choice. On it you’ll find hundreds of occupations listed with information on salaries, responsibilities, and required skills and education.

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