I Think My Resident Skipped Out, What Now?

May 15, 2017 2:41 pm

If you suspect a resident has vacated the premises without giving proper notice, then you must first verify that they have indeed left.  If your voicemails have gone unreturned, then you may post a 24 hour notice to enter on their door, and enter the following day.  Based on what has been left inside of the unit, it is possible to verify if the resident is no longer living there.  For example, are the utilities turned off?  If so, you may move forward with possession. Just make sure that you take a lot of photos of the unit.  If the tenant has skipped out, you may charge the tenant 30 days’ worth of rent on their ledger to compensate for lack of notice (in California).  Then you may proceed with turning the unit over for the next resident.

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March 15, 2017 10:09 am

There is an old expression in the hotel business, “we set our prices at the lobby.” This means that the way you design and furnish your office directly affects a prospective tenant’s opinion regarding your property’s market rates, even before they see the apartment. You can set positive and realistic expectations by making sure that your office is clean, tidy, with pleasant aromas. Your office should be freshly painted with nice floors, framed floorplans hanging on the walls, and very few personal items. Your office hours should be clearly posted with all relevant phone numbers and have a “will return by” clock.

Secondly, make sure that your prospects can find the leasing office with ease. You don’t want them focusing their energy on finding the office, rather than evaluating your product. Creating an easy-to-follow path to the office, followed by a top-notch office interior, will markedly improve your leasing efforts. Let your prospects relax as they peruse their new homes, rather than hunting for the leasing office.

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Sandbaggin’ It

December 8, 2016 10:07 am

Tis the season to prep for rain! Remember all that rain California had last year? We do too… It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the long days of summer. But the seasons have changed, and the winter rains are coming back. At Castle Management, we make sure that all of our properties are properly stocked for the elements. This includes a few tools and basic maintenance plans, and also a nice supply of sandbags. Sandbags are a great first defense to water intrusion, especially when the heavy rain hits. Protecting your property’s perimeter will go a long way towards keeping your property and your tenants dry. If you don’t have a comprehensive approach to water prevention, then think about hiring a professional property management company. And consider Castle when you do.

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