Patricia’s Table Encourages Kids to Try (and Cook) New Foods

Patricia Tamminga grew up cooking and eating veggies fresh from the garden and pasta crafted from scratch, so it wasn't until she started going to school that she realized not everyone lived this way. She grew up nurturing her love for cooking but pursuing other careers—including teaching young kids—until she opened Patricia's Table.

The idea was born when she was teaching kindergarteners in Texas. She'd studied culinary arts, in addition to elementary education, so she decided to use her other degree to lead cooking classes for kids at her home. She found that kids were willing to try unusual foods and embraced garden-fresh ingredients when they were in charge. So she decided to open Patricia's Table and hold children's cooking classes full-time. Here, Patricia fosters a love for healthy cuisine and cooking with an eclectic schedule of cooking classes tailored specifically for youngsters.

Enjoy Drinks, Music, and More at the 90s Bar Crawl

Throw it all the way back to the 90s during a drink-fueled bar crawl throughout Austin happening this week. On this bar crawl, guests are encouraged to wear their finest 90s clothes (overalls, ripped jeans, neon colors, windbreakers, etc.) and make their way around the Austin bar scene along this fun-filled bar crawl. General admission tickets are required for entry, and tickets will increase in price as the event gets closer. General admission tickets range from $30 to $40.

Tickets get you a welcome beer, drink specials at participating bars, and a commemorative cup. Participating bars include Parlor and Yard, Thirsty Nickel, Minibar, Burnside Tavern, and Kung Fu Saloon. Inside each bar, guests will also get to enjoy their favorite 90s tunes. The bar crawl runs from 2 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, February 18th, so scoop up tickets to this fun-filled bar crawl soon!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Antonelli’s Cheese Date Night

If your significant other is a fan of cheese, surprise them with a trip to Antonelli’s Cheese House for its Valentine’s Day cheese date night. Guests of this evening event will get to feast on cheese plates, meats from charcuterie boards, chocolate, and an assortment of other treats while learning about the items from Antonelli’s expert staff. In addition to food, wine and beer will be available from the cheese shop before the class starts. Guests can also choose to bring their own wine or beer for a set-up fee of $4.

Tickets are $110 per couple and include plenty of food tastings for both people. Tickets are available online. Those interested in attending should scoop up tickets soon because cheese lovers all around are sure to flock to this event. Lucky for residents of Lamar Union, this cheese shop is only five miles away from the residences.

Black Star Co-Op: A Member-Owned Brewpub

You may have heard of co-ops that offer fresh groceries, but did you know that the same democratic tenants could contribute to a thriving brewpub? Black Star Co-op proves that the worker-owned business model works flawlessly when it comes to brewing, as more than 3,000 worker-owners collaborate to keep it up and running.

Together, the team crafts a unique balance of "Rational" and "Irrational" beers—that is, some more expected and some more creative concoctions. When it comes to Rational beers, options range from the High Esteem brew with local wildflower honey to the Recalcitrant Dockhand, a bold brew infused with hints of chocolate and java. The Irrational beers, on the other hand, encompass everything from an ale aged in whiskey barrels (the Epsilon) to an oatmeal porter that actually steeps in SRSLY Chocolate cacao nibs (the Inveterate Dockhand). Everyone is welcome to try the inventive brews, co-op member or not.

Houndstooth Coffee: From Java to Craft Beer

There aren't many places where you can grab a gourmet cup of coffee and a craft beer in one swoop, which is part of what makes Houndstooth Coffee so popular. Its staff are just as concerned about crafting stellar cups of coffee as they are about sourcing wines and beers that will please your palate.

So when you come to snag a cup of joe, don't be surprised if the macchiato, latte, or classic brewed coffee you get—all made from Counter Culture beans—goes above and beyond your expectations. Also enjoy a fresh croissant or muffin with your cup of joe. If you'd rather indulge in a craft beer, stop by after work and try the Thirsty Planet's Bucket Head IPA or a Brewhouse Brown Ale by Real Ale. There's also a decent list of red and white wines, specialty teas, and more substantial foods to enjoy at Houndstooth Coffee.

One of East Austin’s Most Inventive Restaurants is Launderette

Looking for a hip restaurant with a unique vibe? If you’re in Austin, you could probably find a few such places without traveling very far, but if you happen to be in the East Austin neighborhood, there’s one place you absolutely need to check out: Launderette on Holly Street. A great spot for brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert, it’s got a throwback diner aesthetic but serves up some seriously sophisticated eats.

This restaurant’s menu includes dishes crafted using specialty ingredients to create unique flavor combinations. But if you’re ordering appetizers at dinner, things can quickly turn into an impromptu tapas session. We dare you to not be tempted to try the pastrami salmon toast or the fried olives. Then again, there’s the chicken liver mousse, and where else are you going to find that? Come ready to indulge in inventive dishes at Launderette.

Don’t Miss the 2017 Austin Firefighters’ Ball

The Austin African-American Firefighter's Association works hard to keep the people of your city safe, which is why you may want to donate toward or attend the 2017 Austin Firefighters' Ball. Slated for Saturday, January 21st at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, this upscale event kicks off at 5:30 p.m. and carries on well into the evening—until 1 a.m., to be exact.

Purchase your tickets for this semi-formal event, and take part in the dining and dancing that await. A portion of the proceeds from ticket purchases go to the Ed Bridges Scholarship Fund, which directly benefits your Austin community, so you can feel good about where your dollars are going. There will also be a cash bar and various vendors on-hand to fuel the fun at the 2017 Austin Firefighters' Ball.

Luke’s Inside Out: Sample Inventive Fare at This Local Food Truck

There’s no doubt that food trucks are enjoying popularity right now. They offer a great way for chefs to break into a city’s restaurant scene, and they usually offer a more accessible way for eaters of all kinds to experience new foods. Those who are looking for an excellent food truck in Austin should look no further than Luke’s Inside Out, situated on South Lamar Boulevard.

Chef Luke Bibby is the master of Inside Out’s creations, which are mainly sandwiches and sharable plates. Many of the flavors on this menu are inspired by French cuisine but still have a decidedly American aesthetic, insofar as there seems to be a melting pot of cuisines represented. Spicy Szechuan fried chicken sandwiches stand next to falafel burgers and pulled pork here, giving you plenty of choices. And be sure to check out the specials, which change regularly and always seem to offer out-of-the-ordinary dishes. The next time you’re in the mood for something different, check out this truck next to Gibson Bar.

Support Women at the Dames & the Giant Peach II Concert

There's no better way to kick off your new year than to enjoy some fresh bands and give back to a cause you care about, and you can do both at the Free Week of Music: Dames & the Giant Peach II event at Swan Dive. Later today, this Austin bar hosts a free showcase of local lady-led bands, and 10% of bar sales go to Planned Parenthood.

So if you're a lady (or fella) who cares about other ladies, show your face at the Dames & the Giant Peach show at Swan Dive. Kicking off at 9 p.m., it features Calliope Musicals, Zettajoule, Magia Negra, Lou Rebecca, and other performers. Don't miss the chance to enjoy this fun event!

Delicious Is an All-In-One Spot for Grocery Shopping and Dining

The giant, retro-inspired sign that reads "Delicious" draws many into this part-deli, part-market. Delicious is more than a spot to grab a great meal, though; it's also a spot that many locals visit for a cold drink. As far as food, Delicious serves farm-to-table plates that put an emphasis on New American fare. The menu runs the gamut with options for everyone. What’s on the menu? Everything from lobster rolls and burgers to wagyu tartare and ahi poke—and that’s just the lunch and dinner menu. Brunch is served on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays with plenty of savory options like the chicken and waffles, the eggs Benedict, the pastrami hash, and more.

In addition to sit-down dining options, Delicious is also a market offering a great selection of necessities, and even beer, wine, and sweet treats are available for purchase here. Delicious is just around the corner from Lamar Union, which makes it a convenient spot to visit for your next meal or grocery trip.

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